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Memory Tree

Video Sequencing SaaS

Shanda Sumpter

Superior Pool Covers

Thai Mama Sauce


Web Presence

Dr. Meletis

Web Presence

Web development and support for every kind of feature

Responsive web design for optimal viewing on various devices
User-friendly navigation and site structure
Search engine optimization (SEO) to improve search rankings
E-commerce integration for online sales
Content management system (CMS) for easy updates
Blog integration for content marketing and engagement
Social media integration for increased visibility
Contact forms and lead generation tools
Email newsletter sign-up and management
Custom graphics and branding elements
Testimonials and customer reviews section
Google Analytics integration for tracking website performance
Security measures to protect user data and prevent hacking
Mobile app development for enhanced user experience
Online booking and appointment scheduling
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section
Photo and video galleries showcasing products or services
Localization and multi-language support
Accessibility features for users with disabilities
Ongoing website maintenance and updates

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Low Traffic
To Keep Things Fresh

For single sites with less than 1000 visitor's per month

  • ✓ 5 Request Tickets per Month
  • ✓ 1 Website or Brand
  • ✓ SEO for up to 3 Terms
  • ✓ Any hosting platform*
  • ✓ Uptime monitoring and alerts
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High Traffic
To Make Improvements

For multiple sites or those with more than 1000 visitor's per month

  • ✓ 25 Request Tickets per Month
  • ✓ Up to 3 Website or Brands
  • ✓ SEO for up to 3 Terms per Website
  • ✓ Any hosting platform*
  • ✓ Uptime monitoring and alerts
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For those who don't like limits

  • ✓ Unlimited Request Tickets per Month
  • ✓ Unlimited Website or Brands
  • ✓ SEO for up to 3 Terms per Website
  • ✓ Any hosting platform*
  • ✓ Uptime monitoring and alerts
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* Hosting platform fees are not included in our service; however, we work with any hosting platform or provider and are particularly suited to support self-hosted sites.

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